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Welcome to the Municipality of Leamington’s bill payment system powered by Datatel and Global Payments. Now you can pay your water and waste water bill using Visa, MasterCard, Visa Debit and MasterCard Debit.

The Municipality of Leamington will receive an instant notification of your water and waste water payment and will post it to your account on the next business day. At the time of payment, you will receive a confirmation number and an email confirming the receipt of payment for your records.

Please note that Datatel/Global Payments charges a service fee for the use of its services to pay your water and waste water bill. The service fee to use your credit card is 2.5% and to use your debit card is 1.5%. The water and waste water payment and service fee will be reflected as two separate charges on your credit card statement, one from the Municipality of Leamington and another for the service fee from Datatel/Global Payments.

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